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HAS-MAK will continue to serve without compromising its quality and honesty by adopting innovations as a principle with its trained personnel in order to provide better quality and faster service to our valued customers at home and abroad.

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Briefly Who Are We?

HAS-MAK started to operate in the machining sector in 1997 in a 200 m² closed area in Ostim. Considering the requirements and needs of the sector, it has also commissioned its factory with a closed area of ​​2000 m² in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone.

Our Mission

To provide communication in the fields we operate, to identify problems and create solutions, to contribute to the sharing of experience and knowledge.

Our Vision

To increase the quality in the areas we serve, to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront, to follow the developments in the world closely, to ensure that they are implemented in our country, and to carry out studies that will contribute to the development of our profession and sector.

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